the story behind the bmw...

Several months ago now, during THIS MOMENT AT MY CHURCH when we were asked to hold out our hands and offer up to God whatever we have, I was struck with the conviction that I was to offer my BMW fully to Him and watch what He could do through my small sacrifice!

At that time, I had been wresting with God for several months over trusting HIM, once again, for financial provision, versus me “making it happen” through my own relentless toil, dogged determination, and guilt-ridden penance (for getting into debt again). 

It was then that I decided, in an act of trusting obedience, to give up my dream car, let go of my self-centered plans, and see God do far more with my little, personal situation by offering it up to Him and seeing Him create exponential and eternal impact! Think of it like a modern-day application of the “loaves & fish” story (Matthew 14:13-21)!

Since then, I’ve realized that there may be others who are interested in being a part of this fun and adventurous act of obedience! So, if you have an item or service that is valued at over $100 that you would like to donate towards this raffle, please EMAIL ME right now, so I can add it to our list of prizes!

100% of ALL ticket sales will go DIRECTLY and ENTIRELY to several individuals who have dedicated their lives (and livelihood) to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the furthering of His Kingdom! Your donation will encourage and support them, along with the countless lives they will touch through their work around the world!

Other prizes already donated...

Two 100 Level Tickets to an upcoming home game this 2022-2023 season at Moda Center!. Actual dates of games TBD.