Breanna jeffries, lmhc

Breanna began working in social services and mental health in 1999 following the completion of her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science, with a Minor in Youth Ministries from Northwest University (Northwest College, at that time). In 2005, she completed her Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology through Northwest University's Graduate School and has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 2013. Breanna is also licensed to provide counseling in Oregon, Arizona, and Texas. 

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Counseling Experience

Bree has nearly twenty years of clinical experience working with adults, families, children, and youth in private practice, community mental health, residential care, and within student ministries at her church. She has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 2013. She is currently licensed in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Texas. Bree also provides Clinical Supervision to Master level interns and Professional Counselors, and has done so for more than ten years.

Counseling Approach

Bree values compassion, empathy, and humor and enjoys partnering ​with her clients  ​to  ​help  them meet  ​their  ​needs  ​and  ​work  ​towards  ​the goals that are important to them. 

She specializes in the areas of TRAUMA, DEPRESSION & ANXIETY, AND SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESSES. She is a Certified EMDR Therapist and finds it's model to be a greatly beneficial way to help clients move past prior trauma and into the life they want to live. 

In addition to EMDR, Bree utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT, ACT, Internal Family Systems, Somatic and Attachment theories, among other approaches. Her most valued role in counseling  ​is  helping her clients know ​that  ​there  ​is  ​someone  and  some ​place  where  their stories  are  honored​, their  needs  ​are met, and change is possible.


Bree provides in person sessions in Vancouver, WA as well as telehealth sessions throughout Washington, Oregon,  Arizona, Texas, and Montana.