Anya hicks

After studying English and psychology at the Pacific National UniversityAnya attended Multnomah University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature. She is currently working on earning a Masters of Arts in Counseling degree from Multnomah University.

Ministry Experience: 

Having a tender spot in her soul for women, Anya helped to facilitate H.E.A.R.T groups sponsored by First Image. Also, having a personal encounter with grief, she assisted with Griefshare groups at a local church. She has used her language skills to assist during medical and church-planting missions to Russia.

Counseling Approach: 

Anya believes that everyone is capable of growth and is doing the best they can at any given time; that every person is a part of a system or systems with interrelated components. While every person is affected by their family dynamic or society at large, they are also able to be a person of influence after making steps for personal growth. 

Anya's theoretical approach to counseling goes back to Adlerian and Gestalt theories while also utilizing techniques from interpersonal neurobiology and parts work. Above all, she believes that counseling is not only a professional service, but also a connection and a dialogue of human hearts, minds, and souls. Anya has a desire to help people who experience ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, GRIEF, IDENTITY AND VALUES SEARCH, INTERPERSONAL DIFFICULTIES AND EMOTIONAL DYSREGULATION. She is also happy to discuss spirituality regardless of your previous experience. Her other interests include STRENGTH FINDING, MARITAL AND PREMARITAL counseling.