Jeffrey Shenk

Jeff Shenk received his BA in History from Washington State University in 2002. He has also completed training in coaching and mediation and has been working as both a life/recovery coach and professional mediator. Currently, Jeff is a counseling through Liberty University, working towards his MA in Mental Health Counseling.

(360) 836-1872


Jeff has worked as professional mediator, helping people resolve differences in areas such as civil suits and parenting plans. As a life/recovery coach, Jeff has primarily coached men through sexual addiction recovery and supported people through life transitions. Jeff is also a Gottman educator, and along with his wife Kathy (a licensed marriage & family therapist/mental health counselor), he presents weekend Gottman Marriage Workshops for couples looking to enhance or repair their relationship. 


I believe there is tremendous potential for personal exploration and growth within each person. My role as a counselor is to assist those individuals, couples, families, and groups that are motivated to make changes and be able to meet their identified goals. I also believe that in order for progress to be made in therapy, one must find a sense of meaning and purpose for their lives, as well as find practical strategies and skills for working through immediate life circumstances. In addition, for therapy to be beneficial, it is important for the client and counselor to agree upon and mutually commit to a general course of action, regardless of the particular approach or technique. It is my endeavor to utilize various approaches and techniques in order to best serve the needs of the client.

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