Worku negussie

Worku entered the counseling field because of a life-long passion to see people live out their full purpose. He is currently working towards a Master of Arts degree from Multnomah University. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. With a listening heart, Worku sees himself as an instrumental agent others' search for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing. As a counselor, he considers it a sacred honor to facilitate the process of a client solving their own problems while demonstrating a genuine concern and compassion for their dilemmas.

(347) 709-2021


Counseling Theory:

I am an intern Counselor who is a Christian, but I seek to value the diversity, worldview, and belief of each person. I will work with you to identify the underlying issues that may be getting in the way of your well-being and growth and together we will work to address these issues. I believe that each person and family with whom I work has the capability to address their own needs, my work is to support you in recognizing and enhancing this capacity. I value emphatic therapeutic relationship and in conjunction with other theories I use Psycho-dynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies to unveil causes of presenting problems. 


I worked with families, adults, and children in a church setting as an elder and youth group leader. My prior experience includes working with employees on supervisory and people development roles. 

I am passionate working with a wide range of clients including TRAUMA, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and RELATIONAL ISSUES. 

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