Ally Christian counseling

Founded by Jeremiah Peck, one of ANLCC's first interns and a long-time Associate, Ally is a trusted partner in the mental health counseling field and offers a similar approach and services from a variety of Christian therapists and interns in Clark County, WA. Click here, or on their logo, to visit their website today!


Tim 'Elias' Fitzsimmons, CPC provides in person Biblical Counseling in the Portland and Vancouver area, to equip men and couples to thrive spiritually, sexually, financially, emotionally, and relationally.

CLICK HERE, or on the logo, to visit Tim's website.

Good Talk, LLC

Stacy OxfordLMHC, NCC, LCPC is a former ANLCC Associate who provides sound, seasoned, and spiritually-directed counsel to individuals and couples in Vancouver, utilizing her own experiences as well as those areas for which God has given her a passion to help support, guide, and provide an opportunity for healing. Click Here, or on Stacy's photo, for more information and to contact her.