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Counseling Approach

Everyone has seasons of difficulty, confusion, or moments where forward progress in life and relationships seem to come to a stop. These experiences, while deeply painful, can be harnessed as moments of growth in our lives that cause us to understand ourselves, our faith, our relationships, and the world around us to a much greater degree. When met with empathy, patience, and mutual respect in the midst of counseling, you will often find a way through the pain that you have encountered. The result is that resilience and hope can be built over time, so that you can courageously face all that life will continue to bring your way. 

Hans’ approach to counseling integrates a Biblical and Christian worldview with cognitive methods (exploring one’s thoughts and beliefs), narrative methods (exploring and possibly rewriting one’s own story), and an attachment-based, interpersonal orientation (exploring links between current and past relationships of significance). His view of counseling is person-centered, allowing you to begin and determine the direction of counseling while also working collaboratively to understand your strengths, identify needs, review thought patterns, understand conflicts, review relational systems and dynamics, discover new options, set personal development goals, and make informed choices. Hans also believes in a holistic view of care and will do his best, based on your direction, to incorporate your faith into the plan of care. 

Ministry & Counseling Experience

Hans has served in a variety of ministerial roles since 2005. He has filled both volunteer and vocational roles serving children, teens, and adults of all ages in settings inside and outside the local church and both locally and internationally. From 2011 to 2024, Hans was responsible for vision, leadership, discipleship, preaching, counseling, and teaching as the primary church planter and lead pastor of a local church. From 2018-2020, Hans also counseled as an intern serving a wide variety of clients with varying presenting concerns. His theological, pastoral, and counseling experience has allowed him a depth of knowledge in counseling issues covering marriage issues, premarital coaching, addiction, depression, anxiety, abuse and trauma recovery, conflict mediation, grief and loss, family systems issues, spiritual questions and struggles, spiritual coaching, discipleship, identity issues, sexuality, and much more. 

In the business setting, Hans has acted as a mediator to bring about conflict resolution and he also has experience in sports psychology with a background in high school, collegiate, and professional athletics as both a player, and now a coach. Hans is certified in various premarital and marriage counseling tools including the Prepare & Enrich and the Gottman Method of couples counseling. Hans is excited to use all of his background to minister and holistically care for all those whom he serves.

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Hans currently only provides in person and telehealth for clients residing in OR, from our Wilsonville location.