Conflict, communication

& listening skill building

Specialized Service for Couples

Because everyone wants a relationship where you get along far more than you fight

there are problems

  • It seems like you're always fighting
  • You can't talk about the hard things
  • You don't feel heard
  • Your fighting brings out the worst in you and/or your partner
  • It feels like your relationship is stuck
  • You don't know what to do

Unresolved conflict breaks trust. 

Broken trust over time becomes divisive and destroys the relationship. 

While in the midst of conflict, you lose sight of each other and lose the ability to listen. 

there is hope

You may have tried other things to fix these problems, including counseling, and yet it seemed unproductive. Our team is specially trained and experienced in teaching couples the necessary principles and skills in order to communicate more effectively, manage conflict (past & present), and break unhealthy patterns, so that they can truly repair and build a stronger relationship. 

where to go from here

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2) Set your first appointment and take the recommended assessments

3) Meet with a specialist on our team (Wilsonville or Vancouver) to go over assessments and set up your personalized plan